The Luk Prakob – Herbal Body Compress Balls : the secret behind Energizing, Rejuvenating, and Relaxing to your body.

Your tensions will drift away during this traditional, hot Thai massage. The “Luk Prakob” has been used for many centuries in Thailand for the relief of pain and tenderness.

TYME’s Luk Prakob technique

Following a traditional Thai massage, a selection of therapeutic herbs including prai, ginger, turmeric and lemongrass are wrapped in a muslin compress, steamed and then applied to the body in gentle circular and rolling movements.

Unwellness such as stiff, sore or pulled muscles and ligaments, back pain, migraines, stress and anxiety are almost immediately relieved as the pores open and allow the herbs to take effect on your skin during the session.

Benefits TYME’s Luk Prakob technique

Our Luk Prakob Hot Thai massage offers more health benefits: it stimulates relaxation, energizes emotional and physical well-being, and rejuvenates the blood flow system.

The blend of hand-picked traditional Thai herbs has a revitalizing power on your body, calming sore and tension of your body leaving energy to reserves a huge boost. This Luk Prakob technique work best for all clients, and also can be tailored to your specific needs.