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The spa is a pleasure ritual invented to allow our guests to give themselves I-Deserve-It time out

Tyme derives from the ancient spelling of time. This is the latest boutique spa in Bangkok encompassing the charm of contemporary Thai wedded with an environmental design of day and night to provide affluent multinational clientele with intuitive mix of science, human mindfulness and unique treatment concept based on different balancing regimens.

The spa is a pleasure ritual invented to allow our guests to give themselves I-Deserve-It time out, enriched with extensive range of tailor-made treatments, the indulgence of urban-hideaway surroundings and the mindful touches delivered by therapeutic therapist.

We are committed to creating a personal space off hectic daily life and inspiring our guests to love and respect life through the transformative journey of body and mind, while recharging spirit in order to face life’s challenges again with renewed vitality and well-being.


Believing that human health is associated to the body clock, Tyme is the first spa treatment to offer a wide range of go-beyond guest services based on the holistic circadian rhythm wellness approach with commitment to create an individually crafted spa experience that challenges the norm.

At Tyme spa, our service begins with passion and caring attitudes demonstrated by highly skilled and soulful performance of our therapeutic therapists. We wedded the oriental science and time-honored healing wisdom passed down to direct lineage with the use of aromatic herbal merits so as to naturally unfold the physical and mental well-being.

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