You probably exfoliate your face regularly and more regularly forget that body also needs the royal
care just as much as your face. If you never do body scrub, you might get unappealing, rough, and
unhealthy skin. Here are some benefits beside cleansing the skin from our selection of signature body
scrub treatment.

Pumping your body.
Scrubbing your body can increase your blood circulation and body fluid flow. This encourages your
body to release skin toxins to detoxify.
Activate skin Hydration.
There is a moisturizing ingredient in our body scrub treatment, such as sakura blossom essense,
Ginseng extract and Chinese angelica. With its rich aroma, this Revitalize your skin for extra

Being mindful
Another important benefit of body scrub is how good you can feel at the spa moment. Being aware of
the refreshing texture leaves on your skin after the treatment can lift up your mindfulness and boost
up self confidence.
Give your skin and senses an invigorating boost, eliminates dry and rough skin with the unique
blended tantalizing the senses with its rich aroma, this indulgent ritual replenishes the skin and leaves
it with a healthy glow.